Why Video?

Video has are the most effective marketing medium available and have been shown to triple website visitors, double the time spent on a website, increase organic SEO traffic, online purchases and lead generation.

Videos are a great way to showcase your business, products, services and provide a special offer to viewers. Videos not only instill trust in your brand, they increase website conversion rates and online sales dramatically. You can use videos on your website, social media networks, PPC ad campaigns, funnel lander pages, online training courses, and e-commerce product demos.

Our award winning video production team will help plan, story board, script, shoot and edit your videos for you.

Corporate & Cinematic Video

Post Prodution

If you aren't in the Washington, DC area and can't afford to cover our travel expenses, we also offer our scripting and post production services separately. Many of our clients will shoot videos themselves and send the files over for us to edit and optimize for the desired distribution media.

Animated Videos

Animated videos are a fun and effective way to explain your product or service as an overview video on your website and social media accounts. Include them in email and content marketing, online ad campaigns, or incorporate into e-learning courses and help tutorials.

Video Spokesmodels

Utilize professional actors and actresses to give a talking head video using green screen technology. We can even customize the background, add animations, backgroud music and more.