Supercharges your website

Webmation makes it easy to reach your business goals

The benefits

Webmation has combined over 20 years of web development and marketing experience to make it easy for your business to reach its goals and have a website that automatically implements proven best practices to showcase your brand, increase conversion rates and boost sales.

Your Webmation website:

  • Increases leads, customers and renewals
  • Improves communication with prospects and customers
  • Generates higher event attendance and ticket sales
  • Creates new profit centers
  • Promotes online sales and repeat orders
  • Encourages higher order totals and referrals
  • Produces massive brand awareness

You manage all customers, orders, event registrations, online courses and member subscriptions from one solution. Your customers are also able to access one account for all interactions with your business.

Fully responsive mobile website

Your website will look good no matter what device your visitors are on

Over 90% of visitors now use mobile devices to surf the Internet and over 80% will leave a non-mobile friendly website. Google and major search engines now include mobile friendliness as part of their ranking formulas.

Webmation's responsive website design allows us to build you a gorgeous mobile first website for you that instills brand confidence, produces higher response rates and works on all browsers, resolutions & mobile devices automatically.

Enhanced content and blog marketing

Your Webmation website includes a blog for content marketing

Become an industry expert

Your blog allows you to position your company as a thought leader in your industry by expressing your in-depth knowledge and expertise in your field. More importantly, your blog drives traffic to your website, helps boost SEO rankings and allows customers to share your content virally.

Retain customers longer

Your blog includes all the top design and marketing features to ensure customers stay on your website longer and engage with your company more.

Boost retention and sales with email marketing

Promote your specials, events, products and news

Build your email lists

Email is still one of the best ways to keep in touch with prospects and clients. We have completely integrated our award winning HTML email marketing system into your website and blog, eliminating the need for you to maintain lists, manually add people or deal with complicated integrations. All contacts who sign up for your newsletter, order a product, register for an online course, attend an event, or request more information are automatically added to the appropriate email lists.

Improve communication

We’ve made sending emails as easy and painless as possible with three easy steps: choose your list, choose your template, and type your message. All email templates are built with the same sleek and responsive design as your website, so every email is eye-catching and flawlessly delivers your message. In addition to having battle-tested email communication capabilities, you'll also receive many advanced email features like tracking statistics, drip campaigns, mail-merge personalization, easy email editor, and CAN-SPAM act compliance.

Monetize your website

Easily create new profit centers for your business

Sell products and services

Your website's online store allows you to sell products with full ecommerce capabilities.

  • Sell multiple items and options
  • Manage inventory
  • Offer specials, coupons, gift cards and loyalty rewards
  • Showcase new, featured and popular items
  • Compute live ship rates from USPS, UPS and FedEx

Live, recorded and streamed events

Utilize a powerful event manager to promote your events and generate higher event attendance. You can further increase profits by offering different ticket levels, early-bird and group rates and online stream tickets.

Whether it’s a free or paid event you can include detailed event descriptions, speaker highlights, recurring events and downloadable documents. You can also limit who attends each event with the ability to create public, private or member only events.

Online courses and member subscriptions

Offer online training courses to employees, partners and the public using our SCROM compliant e-learning management software. Offer a variety of training content including video livestream, text, image and PowerPoint slides for any course. Additionally, you have the ability to add Q&A functionality to each training section and have multi-level membership pricing.

You also have the option to use the LMS for your existing customer base and provide member-only materials to different customer groups based on their needs.

Generate even more income

Boost profits further with secondary income streams

Create an independent sales force to promote your business

Our built-in Affiliate Manager allows you to create a robust partner program with different commission rates, referral fees and partner discounts.

Attract higher quality marketing partners, joint ventures and affiliates by giving them access to view their commission reports and online partner center.

Easily manage affiliates, partner levels and commissions through your main admin portal.

Attract more sponsorships

Through the technology and services provided to you by Webmation, you can position yourself to be more attractive to sponsors by providing greater value to them. For example, you can sell sponsorship packages that include:

  • E-ticket ad space & sponsor highlights
  • Event registration page highlights
  • Promoted sponsor email blasts
  • Promoted blog posts
  • Promoted social media posts
  • Co-brand sponsor logo on marketing, print & promotional items

Generate third party ad income

Add another profit center to your business by integrating third party advertisements into sections of your website. As your website generates more traffic your monthly ad commissions will increase. Some ideas on how to integrate third party ad revenue into your Webmation site, include:

  • Display selected ads on your blog
  • Sell ads on event tickets and programs
  • Sell video ads before, during and after training content
  • Post ads in email newsletters
  • Send promoted email blasts
  • Post paid product blog reviews
  • Send promoted social media posts

Webmation has helped thousands of businesses

We've helped our customers generate over $100 million in leads, sales and cost savings

$200K to $1 Million

I've been a client of Webmation’s for over a decade. They never cease to amaze me. They helped our business grow from $200,000.00 a year to just shy of $1,000,000.00 this past year. Fifteen minutes on the phone with Hersh gives me more knowledge and insight than the hours and even days I've spent with other marketing experts.



Fast and reliable

The entire Webmation staff has been very helpful in solving our website problems and helping us with our website needs. I feel like I can call Webmation at any time and get a helpful solution in a timely manner. We have always wanted to be able to server our viewers and affiliates the best way we know how. With Webmation's help, we have taken a large step towards that goal.



The real deal

One of the difficulties in creating a website is that everyone says they are an expert. Hersh and his team at Webmation are the real deal. Their team is insightful and suggested new ideas for our projects that we had not considered. They've created two excellent sites for me in a remarkably short period of time. The overall experience was headache free and the sites have a great look and function.